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Monday, 31 December 2007

365 Londoners

, originally uploaded by madeinsheffield.

I couldn't resist finishing the year of this blog with this wonderful character portrait from Charlotte.

It sums up 2007 for me - a great face, stories to tell, and now having to smoke outside but still resilient. Resilience despite the environment.

Looking forward to meeting more terrific characters in 2008.

Modern day Arthur Daley

, originally uploaded by madeinsheffield.

In Islington. People still want to buy other people's junk - the junk and the people in the shops telling tales of a big city. Us and our possessions, our way of owning the sheer expanse of London. How we stamp our features on ourselves and the spaces around us.

Woman's best friend

, originally uploaded by oblivion diaries.

love the wideness of this photo, and that chilling sensation. Wonderful late London colours.

man's best friend

, originally uploaded by virgorama.

lovely tenderness here, the man feeding the dog meat from pies bought at the local bakers.

"This Is Ellie"

"This Is Ellie", originally uploaded by The Broken Biscuit Club.

Lovely memory capsule shot. A portrait showing more than just the face.

Here is the list of items in the photo -
1x Eleanor Smith
1x Lamby aged 15
1x Fan from Milan
1x Photo of Mom and Soph (the sister)
1x Pair of size 7 ballet pointe shoes
1x Blondie 'Atomic' 7"
4x passport photos of Ellie and Craig
1x 'Twiggy by Twiggy' autobiography- 1975
1x photo of a much younger me with my Dad and sister
1x Pearl necklace that my Nan gave me
1x Brown vintage handbag
1x 'Heineken Experience' souvenier from Amsterdam

Kilburn High Road

Kilburn High Road, originally uploaded by Monkey Magic.

Another one I took back in the summer, guys hanging out waiting for the bus in Kilburn.

We're going to keep up the 365 Londoners project next year, and still hoping to show it somewhere. Do get in touch!

Kilburn High Road

Kilburn High Road, originally uploaded by Monkey Magic.

Can't remember if I blogged these back in September. Reminds me of a sunny day on the Kilburn High road (or anywhere else in London), people coming out to watch the world go by. looking forward to warmer weather, the easy days, hours of sunshine.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Ghana fashion show

, originally uploaded by andrewknowles.

Fabulous work, fabulous ladies.

Scary Santa

, originally uploaded by 'stpiduko'.

Donät let Santa scare you! Hope everyone has a great 2008 full of good things and great portraits.

Leicester Square Santas

, originally uploaded by 'stpiduko'.

Nice to see a bit of love and goodwill, wish it could go on every day.

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